Broca's Area

Broca's area is located in the left frontal lobe, around the opercular and triangular sections of the frontal inferior gyrus.

Broca's Area is the part of the brain that that is linked to speech production. It converts thoughts into sounds or written words and sends the message to the motor area.


Broca's (Expressive) Aphasia: If Broca's area is damaged, people may mostly understand the meaning of words and know how they want to respond. However, they have difficulty finding the words to say. Their words are forced out slowly and with great effort, sometimes interrupted by expletives. Most affected people are also unable to write words.

Wernike's Area

Wernicke's area is located in the temporal lobe behind the primary auditorial cortex on the left side of the brain.


The Wernike Area is the region of the brain where Spoken Language is understood.
Functions include:
-Language Comprehension
-Sematic Processing
-Language Recognition
-Language interpretation

Wernicke's (Receptive) Aphasia: If Wernicke's area is damaged, people have difficulty understanding spoken and written language. They usually speak fluently and with a natural rhythm, but the sentences come out as garbled, confused strings of words (sometimes referred to as word salad). They may not know that they are speaking nonsense.

BOTH Broca's and Wernike's Area

*Aphasia is partial or complete loss of the ability to express or understand spoken or written language. It results from damage to
the areas of the brain that control language.